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Details of some deployments

Home Cable Network System was set up by Gospell in July, 2011 and has since become one of the most preferred HFC systems in the Indian Digital Broadcasting area. As a leading representative of Gospell Products, not only in professional head-end system, but also in management systems and various Set-Top Boxes, the Home Cable Network Systems solution has proven to be one of the most used solutions in the rapidly developing Indian market.

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By using this solution, developed provided and maintained by Gospell, Home Cable has been able to provide subscribers with up to 383 digital video programs, including 27 HD programs enabling a complete entertainment experience. This solution uses a combination of MPEG-2/H.264 Low Bit Rate 4-Channel encoders and HD Professional encoders. After encoding then IP-based multiplexing, scrambling and modulation takes place into 32 frequencies. The signal is then spread by HFC Network to different terminals. Gospell’s Conditional Access System is also used ensuring security of data and content. By providing scrambling services, Gospell and Home Cable can ensure that content is secure and protected and the solution ensures that only those who are entitled to view, can view.


By using Gospell’s vast range of Set-Top Boxes, this enables Home Cable System to provide different levels of Set-Top Box, depending on subscribers’ requirements, such as MPEG-2 Zapper, MPEG-2 Zapper with PVR function, and H.264 HD Set-Top Box.


This solution has enabled Home Cable to provide services to over 150,000 subscribers currently, with this number expected to increase rapidly. At same the time, new networks are also under construction to cover new areas and enable DTV to be received by many more users across India.