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Details of some deployments

As the most important TV & Internet operator in Mexico, Ultravision has long history; more than 22 years’ professional experience in thebroadcasting area. In September, 2011, Gospell’s international team installedtwocomplete MMDS systemssuccessfully in Aguascalientes and Coatzacoalcos for Ultravision.  In these two systems, Gospell not only providedUltravision with Head-end equipment, but also management systems (CAS/NMS/AD/EPG) and a variety of Set-top boxes. Up to now, Ultravision has more than 30 thousandsubscribers in these two cities.

The MMDS wireless transmitting system is based on updating from the existing analog wireless system. Since there are a large number of existing subscribers in the analog system, the project is implemented in two stages.In the first stage, the construction and transmission of partial digital channels werecompleted, and the existing analog system runsparallel for a period.In the second stage, the transmission of 100 digital channels will be finished and the system will be totally digital.

The existing analog system is single-channel transmitter, passing through two combiners.The signal goes into two independent sets of antenna feeders to be transmitted. The digital solution continues to use the existing antenna and feeder system. During the transition period, the existing analog system will continue to use combiners, and in the second stage, the use of combiners will be terminated, and only the antenna and feeder system will be utilised.

The Head-end for the digital system takes existingsatellite data streams and encodes. The satellite data is changed into IP data by using Gospell’s GM-8000 ASI-IP Adapter and the encoded IP data processed through GM-8000 enabling multiplexing and scrambling.This process is then modulated by Gospell’s GQ-3660B.Then the modulated RF signal is put into Gospell’s GT-5527 transmitter, and then wirelessly transmitted through the existing antenna and feeder system. In the customers’ premises, the existing antenna of the subscriberis retained; the digital signal can be received by adding a set-top box.

Below is the typical MMDS system diagram and Head-end office layoutmade by Gospell for Ultravision.

MMDS-ultra 0